Unboxing Emotional Support for Children in your Home

Monthly Little Box of Calm to support children’s mental health following concerns of after-effects of Covid-19.

Calm Skies, who provide yoga and mindfulness sessions and inspiration to young people, have just released their” Little Box of Calm” for children. Aimed at 4-8 year olds, the box has a different mindful theme every month which encourages little ones to create, breathe, feel, learn and be inspired.

In a recent survey, Young Mind found, 67% of respondents agreed that they are concerned about the long-term impact of the coronavirus on their child’s mental health. This rose to 77% among parents and carers whose children had required mental health support in the previous three months.

Children’s mental health has been on the forefront of our minds for a while now and especially post Covid-19. Carly Sargent, CEO & founder of Calm Skies, commented “teaching children to recognise, understand and manage their emotions in a positive and light-hearted way is key to supporting wellbeing in young people at this time. Providing an ongoing and consistent unboxing experience that draws on natural curiosity and mindful ways can allow children to better understand themselves in order to ultimately bring them, and parents, a little happiness and calm”.

Siobhan (mother of William 6 years old) stated “after 70 consecutive days of being off school and away from their friends, my children’s mental health is my upmost priority”.

Young minds also found that 29% of respondents agreed that there was not enough support (information, helplines and resources) available to help them and their child get through this time. 24% of respondents said that they would not know where to turn for advice and information on supporting their children’s mental health during this time.

Nicola (mother of Freddie, 5 years old), commented “I feel powerless with support on how to help my children navigate this unprecedented event and welcome any outside support”.

66% of respondents said that the coronavirus had had a negative impact on their own mental health, according to Young Minds.

The first eco-friendly box is named ‘Breathe’ and is available now for a September delivery from littleboxofcalm.uk and includes a yoga pose, healthy recipe, mindfulness tools, nature-inspired activities plus access to a private online platform filled with extra stories, support and relaxation.

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