Top Reasons to Snap-Up A New Luxury Condo for Sale in Hua Hin

Are you thinking about a sea change? Whether you’re relocating from abroad or another part of Thailand, Hua Hin makes good sense. Why? Because this charming seaside city has a lot of wonderful things going for it. Before you jump in and purchase a new luxury condo for sale in Hua Hin, let’s discuss some of the finer points associated with this popular vacation and retirement spot.


Once a quiet fishing village, Hua Hin has gone from strength to strength over the past few decades. The area first gained notice as a beach getaway spot when the Royal Family built their summer palace there in the 1920s. As it’s located within a few hours’ driving distance of Bangkok, boasts year-round tropical temperatures and is surrounded by lush national parks, it quickly became a popular destination for Bangkokians. 

As it only boasts a ‘permanent’ population of 90,000, this sleepy seaside town has managed to maintain its laid back and casual air, unlike other more notorious beach destinations in the Land of Smiles (yes, we’re talking about you Pattaya and Phuket!).

Although small in scale, Hua Hin is still a cosmopolitan city in terms of look and feel, boasting an array of Western-style services and amenities. From its mega shopping malls and outdoor markets to movie theatres, vineyards, water parks, gourmet supermarkets, international hospitals, global restaurants and golf courses, the city has pretty much any and everything you could desire. Having said that, it’s still easy to find a quiet beach hideaway all to yourself.

Interested? Let’s look at the last three pieces of the puzzle: Climate, Transport, Living.


For many people, especially those relocating from cooler climates (aka Europe and North America), what they want to know most about Hua Hin is: what’s the weather like? Well, we can assure you it’s quite lovely.

Year-round the daytime temperature averages 29-34°C, with the sea providing a nice breeze as well. Hua Hin has a tropical climate, split between dry and rainy seasons. 

Hua Hin kicks the year off with the dry/cooler season, running from December to mid-March. The rainy season then kicks in and lasts from June through October. In truth, Hua Hin is one of the driest areas of Thailand; when the rains do come, they are usually just an afternoon storm for a few hours, coming every few days. The showers should not put you off moving here; with adequate planning and a well-stocked fridge, they are an enjoyable pastime.


Hua Hin lies just 120 miles south from Bangkok and can be reached by car, bus and train. The drive typically takes 3-4 hours depending on traffic. There is also a special express bus that goes straight to Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Onward travel by bus and train to the south is possible too, including such destinations as Phuket and Malaysia, Thailand’s nearest southern neighbour.

Hua Hin does boast a small international airport as well, but at present, it only has flights to specific cities around Central Thailand and Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

Getting around Hua Hin itself is relatively easy thanks to a plethora of taxis, buses (songthaews) and tuk-tuks that ply the main road. Alternatively, consider renting or buying your own care, an inexpensive and convenient option for long-term stays. If you don’t want to drive yourself, a driver can be hired for an affordable monthly fee.


Many expats live very comfortably on as little as $USD 2,000 (THB 63,000) a month. This is based on an individual renting a two-bedroom house or condominium (apartment). This would cover eating out a few times a week, buying groceries, entertainment/sporting activities (aka round of golf or movies once a week), transportation and miscellaneous costs, such as medication or clothing.

Housing options run the gauntlet from luxurious beachside villas and downtown apartments. Drive a few kilometres out of town, and you’ll also find safe and spacious gated housing communities (aka ‘Moo Baan’). No matter your preference, whether you reside in a new luxury condo for sale in Hua Hin or a grand estate, you’re sure to love living in this tropical paradise. 

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