Multi-symptom supplement range and support program for menopausal health

A first-of-its-kind supplement range and new menopause app offers a holistic approach for women to manage the most common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

With just over a week to go until World Menopause Month, female health pioneers Health & Her, today announces the launch of the Health & Her Perimenopause Food Supplement and the Health & Her Menopause Food Supplement with a complimentary digital training program to support with the long-lasting relief of symptoms.

With over 30 recognised menopause symptoms and each woman estimated to experience, on average, eight of these – equating to 18 million possible combinations – every menopause experience will be different, complex and unique. With consideration to the vast impact these symptoms can have on a woman’s quality of life, for example physical and mental health, relationships and work, Health & Her look to offer a holistic approach to support woman through every stage of their unique journey.

“Menopause management can be complex, as the decline of hormone levels at this stage of life can cause a wide range of both physical and psychological symptoms.” Says Health & Her Co-Founder, Kate Bache. “To manage this requires a multifaceted, integrated approach and we’re excited to deliver a new product that does just that.

“Our Health & Her supplement range is the first-of-its-kind in the UK to target women through every stage of the menopausal transition. Through our research with over 50,000 women we’ve discovered that women experience a unique combination of symptoms during perimenopause – the lesser known stage prior to menopause when periods are still active. To support these unique requirements, we’ve worked with experts to develop a Perimenopause Supplement that’s been carefully formulated with a blend of natural ingredients to help support nine of the most common symptoms experienced during this stage. This has been developed alongside our natural Menopause Supplement, which targets the nine most common symptoms women experience after they’ve no longer had menstrual periods for at least 12 months.

“We’re proud to release this supplement range alongside a complementary digital training program to offer the UK’s first integrated approach for women seeking a natural way to manage their menopause.”

The Health & Her Menopause App offers a personalised menopause management experience, with daily symptom assessments to help women discover where they are in their menopausal journey, and how their symptoms can be improved. In addition to supplement reminders, the app offers a selection of evidence-based exercises and tools developed to deliver long-lasting results and creates a schedule of activity with daily reminders to help stay on track. Guided exercises within the app include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Guided Imagery for Sleep, Pelvic Floor Training, Deep Breathing and Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

Kate Bache added, “We want to support and empower women throughout their menopause journey, so we’ve designed the Health & Her Menopause App to help women build positive lifestyle habits that put them back in control.”

To further educate and inform women of the changes happening to their body, mind, and hormones, the Health & Her app also contains trusted advice from a network of multidisciplinary menopause experts, including GPs, gynaecologists, psychologists, nutritionists, therapists sleep experts, career coaches, and more.

The app also includes period tracking for perimenopause-related cycle changes and delivers smart insights to help women identify factors that could be improving or worsening symptoms.

The Health & Her supplement range is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and contains no added preservatives or artificial colours. Containing clinically proven ingredients, the Perimenopause Supplement has been developed with Expert Nutritional Therapist, Shona Wilkinson, and contains a unique and carefully blended formulation of herbs, vitamins and minerals to support with the nine most common symptoms of Perimenopause. This includes: Sage to support wellbeing during menstruation, Wild Yam and Red Clover to support with hot flushes and night sweats, Ashwagandha to support with relaxation, Avena Sativa Oat Extract to decrease restlessness and support sleep, Zinc and Vitamin C to contribute to normal collagen formulation, Red Clover and Avena Sativa Oat Extract to help with mood changes and irritability, Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng Panax to preserve cognitive function and concentration, Lavender, Iron and B6 and B12 to reduce tiredness and fatigue, and Vitamins C and D for joint and muscle aches.

Speaking on its unique formulation, expert Nutritional Therapist Shona Wilkinson states “We’ve worked hard on the perimenopause supplement to ensure that it provides all the necessary nutrients for symptoms in the best available forms. This ensures a good absorption rate to make the supplement as effective and therapeutic as possible.”

The Health & Her Menopause Supplement also contains a careful blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals to support with the nine most common symptoms of menopause. This includes Vitamins B5, B6 and Magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue relating to poor sleep, Hop Extract to cope with hot flushes and night sweats, Pfaffia to support with stress, concentration and memory, Kelp to aid weight management, Ginseng to maintain physical and mental capacities in cases of exhaustion and tiredness, Evening Primrose Oil for healthy skin, and Dong Quai to help maintain normal urogenital health.

Shona Wilkinson adds “I’m proud to have worked with Health & Her to deliver a multi-symptom supplement range to support women with the often challenging transition through menopause, and the supporting app will make it even easier for women to tune into their symptoms and feel back in control.”

Nichola Haggerty-James, 46, from Bridgend has been taking the Health & Her Perimenopause Supplement alongside using the app for two months and said 

I began noticing a difference within just a month of taking the Perimenopause Supplement. My thoughts have become clearer and I feel much more productive, but what’s taken me by surprise the most is the effect it’s had on my period. I haven’t had my usual aches and pains or my irrational thoughts and mood swings…this is a game changer! Must say there’s nothing more patronising than my other half saying it makes sense now! Using the Health & Her Menopause App has made me more aware of how I’m feeling and it’s now easier to see how my symptoms are changing. I love the anxiety breathing exercise too, and the reminders help keep my supplement schedule to a regular routine.” 

Health & Her Perimenopause Food Supplement and Health & Her Menopause Food Supplement are available to purchase online at, priced at £19.99 each. The Health & Her Menopause App supports Apple Health and Google Fit integration and is now available to download for free in the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more about Health & Her, visit

Health & Her Menopause App: 

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