Movement and sound for mental wellbeing

Charlie Boyd is a Sound healing practitioner and Embodiment Facilitator. She founded Firm Feet® in 2016. “My focus for Firm Feet® is on balancing everyday mental wellbeing through movement and sound. Being creative with the tools that I have learnt along the way that aided me to have a better relationship with my body.” Having had eating disorders and mental health issues from a young age she wanted to share with people what has helped her accept her body and mind. Charlie has overcome some chronic health issues such as cyclical migraines, Amenorrhea and chronic anxiety through using movement and sound.

Born out of hedonism and the love for dancing, Charlie created a more conscious approach to dance movement meditation called Dance in the dark® which is a tasty concoction of her qualifications and experiences. She is foremost a singer for Hamartia and The Inside, digger and DJ and wanted to share her passion for rare house, deep experimental, groove and music from all over the globe in the sessions. While facilitating a space for people to move through and get in touch with their bodies while breaking through mental stagnation.

During lockdown she created an online subscription for £10 a month releasing a weekly brand new session that participants can shut the curtains and practice in their own home, enabling them to drop out of their thinking minds and into their bodies.

She holds 1:1 online immersive sound healing sessions. Working with the client to connect with and expose stagnation of the mind, body and spirit then deliver the appropriate treatment with her voice, resonance, vibration and other instruments.

Charlie recently moved to Edinburgh with her partner. In London she ran ‘Love your body’ sessions at the Hackney Recovery college. Working with people with addiction and mental health issues aiding them to discuss, break the stigma and provide tools to overcome body image issues. She co-founded social prescribing initiative Conscious Care Community in Waltham Forest providing free and alternative therapies to people in the community.

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