MINAMI® launches first ever CBD+Omega-3 nutritional supplement

Wellness has never been more important to consumers, with the global industry valued at over £3.2 trillion. As part of their self-care routines, consumers are beginning to see the positive impact that nutrition can have on stress, heart health and immune systems. Omega-3 and CBD are, until now, two distinct supplements associated with these benefits.

Minami CBD+Omega-3 is a first-of-its-kind, premium nutritional supplement that combines high quality omega-3 with CBD in one convenient capsule.

Minami is renowned as the purest fish oil on the planet – boasting a super high-concentration of up to 95% omega-3 per capsule. Its unparalleled quality and purity means it’s free from contaminants, saturated fats and toxins.

A match made in heaven, CBD and omega-3 have synergistic effects with the endocannaboid system. Together, they could help boost the physiological effects to your body, supporting essential organs like your heart and brain.

Dr Julie Moltke, Medical Doctor and Author of A Quick Guide to CBD, explains:

“Western diets typically contain far too much omega-6 (found in popular foods like peanut butter and crisps) and not enough omega-3. Scientific evidence suggests a ratio of 2.5-5:1 is desirable for our health, but the average is 16:1 – three times more than is recommended.Too much omega-6 in your diet is linked to high levels of inflammation, which is bad for the body and may increase the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, autoimmune disease and chronic joint and muscle pain. Therefore it’s essential to maintain the right ratio of fatty acids, by reducing omega-6 and boosting omega-3. Combined with CBD, it could result in increased benefits and a further anti-inflammatory effect, counteracting the many inflammatory elements in our modern lifestyle.”

As well as a gentle orange flavouring to ease ingestion, the soft-gel capsule means that you can be sure you’re getting a controlled, safe dose of CBD, as recommended by experts.

Each capsule contains 590mg EPA and 130mg DHA of its omega-3, and 10mg of full spectrum CBD (which means Minami use the whole hemp plant). “The levels of EPA and DHA in your fish oil, are really important” says Dr. Moltke, “Both help optimise normal heart function and DHA has been scientifically proven to help brain function and keep the eyes healthy. Meanwhile, CBD, is now used by millions around the globe for its general effects on health and wellbeing. CBD is known to reduce inflammation and have wonderful effect on our mental health making this unique supplement a daily dose of goodness for both physical and mental wellbeing.”

Its sleek, contemporary packaging reflects the philosophy and reliability of the brand. All of Minami’s supplements are created by leading nutritionists and scientists, who use cutting-edge research to optimise its products for consumers. No gimmicks, just scientifically proven effects and benefits, in one simple capsule that works.

Sarah Goldspink, Senior Brand Manager at Minami, says: “Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of wellness rituals in daily life. From practicing mindfulness to trying new superfoods, they’re curious about alternatives to traditional medicine and open to new nutritional concepts. This new Minami product taps into a demand for natural remedies, such as CBD, combining it with our superior quality fish oil to create a unique product that is rooted in science. Consumers are looking for 360 wellness but not at the expense of busy lifestyles, so this is just one way to help them achieve it.”

Minami CBD+Omega-3 is available in a pack of 30x soft gels, at www.minamihealth.co.uk or selected health stores nationwide including Planet Organic, RRP £80.00.

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