Demand for vapes soars following lockdown and UK menthol cigarette ban

Demand for vapes and e-cigarettes has surged more than elevenfold since Covid-19 and the UK ban on menthol tobacco cigarettes, according to Every Cloud Vape Shop, one of the UK’s largest retailers of vapes which sells over 50,000 vaping products per year.

Sales for vapes, e-cigarettes and vaping supplies at Every Cloud Vape Shop soared 1,150% during the three months of lockdown between March and May, compared to the previous three months. Despite the UK ban on menthol tobacco cigarettes, ‘skinny cigarettes’ and rolling tobacco having only taken effect a few weeks ago on the 20th May, there has also been a 69% month-on-month increase in sales of menthol vapes and vape oils in May.

The menthol cigarette ban has been welcomed by health groups, with charities such as anti-smoking charity, Action on Smoking & Health, calling the new legislation long overdue and praising the ban for its potential to discourage young people from taking up tobacco cigarettes. However smoking groups such as Forest have criticized it for limiting choice and the lack of research supporting the idea that the ban would be effective at preventing children from smoking tobacco*.

This surge in demand for vapes suggests that many menthol and traditional tobacco cigarette smokers may be using the lockdown and the menthol tobacco cigarette ban as an opportunity to quit smoking.

According to the Office of National Statistics*, the main reason that 67% of vapers use vapes and e-cigarettes is either as an aid to stop tobacco smoking or because it is less harmful than tobacco smoking. Their research also found that 93% of people who have tried smoking vapes or e-cigarettes were first tobacco smokers.

According to a recent joint study by YouGov and Action on Smoking & Health, more than 300,000 people in the UK have also quit smoking due to fears of COVID-19*.

Jon Humphrey, Manager of Operations at Every Cloud Vape Shop comments: “While the ban on menthol cigarettes is an overwhelmingly positive step forward, it is important to recognise that there are thousands of smokers out there who have only ever used menthol tobacco cigarettes and whom are now likely finding giving up smoking an unexpected challenge.”

“Vaping is recognised by the NHS and health organisations as much less harmful than tobacco smoking and an effective tool in giving up tobacco cigarettes. Many thousands find gradually reducing the amount of nicotine they take in using vapes helps to reduce dependency and is an effective route to a smoke free life. Vape juice also does not include tobacco or produce carbon monoxide or tar, two of the most damaging components inhaled from tobacco cigarettes.”

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