Choosing the Right Clothes to Reduce Chafing During Sports and Leisure

Do you feel irritation in your inner thighs while jogging? Do you suffer from painful blisters and skin rashes even during normal days? If yes, it is an indication that you may be suffering from chafing. It is a common problem among runners, athletes, and cyclists. But it can happen to anybody involved in strenuous exercises with repetitive motions, as they cause friction between the inner thighs.

According to an article on Healthline, chafing is not restricted to a specific body-location. Some people also suffer from this problem in the underarms, nipple area, and groin. But if you wear the right type of clothes during physical activities, you can reduce your suffering. Let’s check out how to choose the anti-chafe clothes.

Seamless and Zero Tags

Seams and tags are the culprits that rub against the skin and cause chafing. You need to check the outfits for seam-stitch and tags before buying. Try out the clothes in a trial room before buying, and see if you can feel the tags or in-seam.

During the trial, if you feel something is bothering you, you must avoid buying it. Sports activities require clothes that can withstand rapid movements. Even during simple activities on a regular day, you may not concentrate on essential things if you feel irritation on the skin. So, buy clothes that are seamless and tag-less.

Check for Moisture-wicking Quality

Many sportspersons prefer wearing cotton for daily wear, as it is known for the best sweat-absorption. But the more you sweat, the heavier the cotton fabric gets. Eventually, it starts irritating the skin, and you develop rashes.

So, opt for a material that absorbs the sweat but does not weigh-down. Many sports garments have the best moisture-wicking quality. Synthetic blend, nylon, and micro modal are some of the best moisture-wicking fabrics.

Avoid Too Much Wool

Wool is considered one of the moisture-wicking fabrics, but it is not best when you use it for workouts. Woollen clothes are suitable for workouts during the winter season, but you will sweat a lot during summers.

If you find an outfit with a woollen blend, make sure the wool percentage is 10% to 15%. You can work out without any issues by wearing blended woollen clothes, which can also prevent chafing.

Wear Anti-Chafe Bands

Anti-chafe bands come in different materials, including lace, neoprene, nylon, and micro-fibre. These thigh-bands work as a protective layer around the skin and prevent friction during walking, jogging, or other heavy-workouts. Many athletes, cyclists, and runners use these bands to avoid this issue.

The fabrics used in making these bands are also skin-friendly. These anti-chafe bands have a silicone-gripper to hold the band on your skin during physical activities.

You can take proper care of the silicone gripper and keep it in hygienic conditions. Many men and women wear these anti-chafe bands under their regular clothing as well. They are not restricted to only sports-use, but you can also wear them on any regular attire.

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