ASICS shares inspirational stories on the positive impact of movement on the mind

To coincide with World Mental Health Day  2020, ASICS is sharing inspiring stories from people who have discovered the  benefits of sport and movement on their mental wellbeing. ‘In My Shoes’ is a  collection of audio stories designed to be listened to on the move, so people can  literally experience what it’s like to put themselves in the shoes of the storyteller. 

The stories offer diverse perspectives about how movement can support  improved mental wellbeing and aim to inspire others to help them achieve a sound  mind in a sound body.  

One storyteller talks about how years of pressure to be perfect led to stress and  burnout before running helped her to find the balance she needed, while another  describes how after years of chronic pain and over 40 operations, running helped  him to feel free.  

One of the storytellers, Bernadette Dancy, said about In My Shoes, “Running has  always been a part of my life, but when faced with an intense period of life stress  which led to burnout, I learnt how to use it in a different way so as to manage  stress and not add to it. I hope that anyone who listens to my or any of the other  stories will be inspired to move and can benefit from it in the same way I do”. 

Gary Raucher, ASICS’ Executive Vice President Categories comments,

At  ASICS we’ve always known the positive impact movement can have on the mind.  It’s why we’re called ASICS. It’s an acronym from the Latin phrase Anima Sana  In Corpore Sano or a Sound Mind in a Sound Body. So, this World Mental Health  Day, we wanted to share the stories of people who have discovered the mental  benefits of movement as a source of inspiration to others. Thank you to all those  who shared their ‘In My Shoes’ stories.

On behalf of all those who shared their stories, ASICS will make a donation to UK  mental health charity Mind to support more people to move and feel better. 

To listen to the ‘In My Shoes’ audio stories,  

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