5 Reasons Why Living in a Beachfront Condo in Pattaya is Good for Your Health

For hundreds of years, ‘going to the beach’ to take the fresh air and bathe in the waters has been recommended as a medical cure by doctors. They firmly believe in the curative powers of sending patients to the seaside, to heal their respiratory organs and reduce the intensity of their disease. This was a particularly common practice in the 1900s when consumption and tuberculosis dogged much of Europe. In truth, the health benefits of the sea have been known for millennia. As far back as 400 BC, the Greek physician Hippocrates (aka the Father of Modern Medicine) was promoting ‘Thalassotherapy’ or sea therapy amongst his patients. Nowadays, this notion of sea therapy is very applicable in a country like Thailand, which attracts hundreds of thousands of retirees and wellbeing seekers every year. So, if you’re wondering whether to purchase an apartment in the hills of Chiang Mai or a beachfront condo in Pattaya, we are here with five health reasons why the latter is a better idea of if you’re after some medicinal wellbeing in your everyday life.

Skin diseases

Seawater is home to many rich minerals, such as chloride, potassium, sodium, sulphur, iodine, magnesium and sodium, many of which have healthy skin benefits. A dip in the ocean, along with UVB radiation exposure, have been shown to lessen the symptoms of certain common skin conditions, like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and eczema. 

Respiratory inflammation

In addition to the skin, the sea is known to aid in the relief of the respiratory system. It seems that saline in the air has a soothing effect on the mucosal lining of the lungs and throat. That’s why people with sinusitis, asthma and similar respiratory conditions find breathing the sea air so beneficial. 

Mood enhancing

Have you ever noticed that you always feel relaxed after visiting the beach? This is a real phenomenon, not quack science. The reason is that the sea air is charged with negative ions which have positive mood-enhancing properties. These happy ions help lower depression, improve oxygen intake (perfect for yoga and meditation) and increase levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin. 

Good for your mind

Likewise, many people swear by the soothing sounds of the waves crashing on the shore to alleviate problems like anxiety, depression and insomnia. Indeed, studies have shown that all nature sounds — birds, forests, waterfalls, waves — help people recover from psychologically stressful events. 

Keeps you healthier than others

Believe it or not, just living near the sea will automatically make you healthier. Well, sort of. A recent study suggests that visiting frequently or living close to the sea increases people’s likelihood of being fit and healthy, compared to the general population. Apparently, the reason for this is that people who reside beachside tend to engage in higher levels of physical activity compared to city or countryside dwellers.

We hope this brief article has inspired you to make a beachfront condo in Pattaya your new home. Happy house hunting!


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