5 Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Dogs

With the growing acceptance of CBD oil, many people are interested to know more about its potential benefits for their dogs. As a natural remedy derived from the industrial hemp plants, CBD offers several health benefits.

Read on to know the five benefits of using CBD oil for dogs.

Reduce Anxiety

Pet dogs have fears that can make them feel stressed and disturbed. To alleviate their fear and decrease anxiety, you can administer CBD oils to your dogs. If you have a dog who gets fearful of car rides, thunderstorms, or fireworks, CBD oil is a great supplement to reduce their stress.

CBD has compounds that work on the Endocannabinoid system, a lot like “a bridge between the body and mind,” to produce calming effects in humans and pet dogs. It promotes calm feelings and a sense of restfulness to put them at ease.

Treat Seizures

For dogs that suffer from uncontrollable seizures, CBD oil can reduce the severity and risk of seizures. Although several human studies prove CBD oil’s efficacy for seizures, there is no conclusive research for animals. However, in a clinical trial in epileptic dogs, infused CBD oil reduced seizure frequency, especially when CBD peaked in the bloodstream.

Prevent Arthritis

Certain breeds of dogs like Dachshund, German shepherd, Rottweiler, etc. predisposed to joint problems. CBD oil for dogs is commonly used to strengthen bones and decrease pain and inflammation in the joints. Dogs with arthritis can consume this oil as per your veterinarian’s recommendation to help deal with pain. It can also be used as a preventive aid for older dogs to not suffer from weak bones.

Increases Appetite

At times dogs tend to go through low periods where they don’t want to eat food. CBD can increase appetite for your dogs that are having a tough time eating after battling an illness or any other reasons.

Digestive Aid

If your canine friend is suffering from nausea or diarrhea, it can indicate the digestive system’s issues. Digestive issues can be triggered due to behavioral or medical reasons for any chronic illness or parasites. CBD oil can be a helpful addition to your dog’s regime to provide holistic relief and bring about a balance in the system.

Are There Any Side Effects?

CBD is safe for dog consumption with minimal reports of side effects. However, every pet is different and might react differently. It’s important to seek your veterinarian’s recommendation before buying CBD oil. Ideally, start with low doses and monitor your dog for any side effects, after which you can gradually increase.

As pet parents, you want the best for your dogs and are ready to do everything needed for their care and support. These adorable paw pals look like they can take over their world, but at times they get sick too. That is why you need to ensure that you always nurture your dogs and look after their health. CBD oil for dogs can serve as a potent remedy to help treat and prevent many diseases and improve your dog’s well-being.

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